A little something something

After being absorbed by video games, Metallica, and drawing since early childhood, in 1999, I took a course called, “Computer Technology”. Students could self teach a variety of computer skills aided by a small library of books. They could build and fix computers with spare parts and learn applications from 3DS Max to the Macromedia and Adobe suites and then present their self-initiated projects to the class.

As a result, I gave up my dream of becoming an artist and have been coding and designing since the early days of design portals such as K10K, Design is Kinky, and Newstoday. And after years of caffeinated all-nighters (shout out to Red Bull and coffee), I have managed to work on and create over 100 websites with a vast amount of people from all over.

Cheers to the interwebs and
“hello, world!”


A brief history

Patron of the New. IT/Online Operations September 2013 - May 2017
Dress Code Web Design/Development July 2010 - August 2013
de.MO Web Development June 2008 - July 2012
Digital Learning Commons Web/Print Design May 2005 - October 2011
Freelance Web Design/Development 2004 - Current